Fidelity Healthcare Services

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Behavioral Health Services
in North Carolina and Louisiana

Fidelity Behavioral Health
4300 South I-10 Service Rd
Suite 117
Metarie, LA 70001
Phone: (504) 841-0007
Crisis Line: (504) 541-4994
Fax: (504) 841-0023

Fidelity Community Support
Group, Inc.
4324 South Alston Avenue
Suite 203
Durham, NC 27713-5296
Phone: (919) 806-0009
Crisis Line: (919) 641-3004
Fax: (919) 806-1201

Fidelity Healthcare Services
In-home nursing & aide services
2327 Englert Drive
Suite 12
Durham, NC 27713
Phone: (919) 316-7770
Crisis Line: (919) 638-6743
Fax: (919) 316-7772

Behavioral Health & Community Support
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Call:(504) 841-0007 - Metarie, LA
Call:(919) 806-0009 - Durham, NC

Fidelity Behavioral Health and Fidelity Community Support offer intensive outpatient interventions for adults and children with mental illnesses. This form of treatment allows you to remain in your home and your community while taking a person-centered approach to building on your personal goals. We work for you. You decide what goals are important to you, and we assist you in meeting these goals in a timely manner.

Our mission is to promote personal growth, strength, and success by working with people to achieve their personal goals.

We exist in order to assist YOU put the pieces in your life back together. We are dedicated to YOUR achievement and fulfillment within the community you live in and are committed to providing a person-centered approach to treatment and clinical interventional strategies.

We provide

Can you benefit from Behavioral Health or Community Support Services?

Do you tend to always be in crisis?
Need assistance with obtaining housing or employment?
Already have or think you may have a mental health or substance abuse diagnosis?

If you have tried to manage these concerns with little help, WE are here to help YOU. Our team of qualified professionals can assist you in putting all the pieces of the puzzle back together.

Contact us now to speak with a qualified mental health professional.