Fidelity Healthcare Services

Homecare Services &
Behavioral Health Services
in North Carolina and Louisiana

Fidelity Behavioral Health
4300 South I-10 Service Rd
Suite 117
Metarie, LA 70001
Phone: (504) 841-0007
Crisis Line: (504) 541-4994
Fax: (504) 841-0023

Fidelity Community Support
Group, Inc.
4324 South Alston Avenue
Suite 203
Durham, NC 27713-5296
Phone: (919) 806-0009
Crisis Line: (919) 641-3004
Fax: (919) 806-1201

Fidelity Healthcare Services
In-home nursing & aide services
2327 Englert Drive
Suite 12
Durham, NC 27713
Phone: (919) 316-7770
Crisis Line: (919) 638-6743
Fax: (919) 316-7772

Healthcare Careers
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Fidelity Healthcare Services is a family of agencies founded and administrated by practicing, licensed health care professionals. We run our day-to-day activities with a patient-first, quality care philosophy that comes from having all administrators having front-line interaction with actual clients. In a rapidly growing industry, Fidelity Healthcare Services is constantly looking for the right talent to add to our teams. If you are a professional in the mental health field or home health care industry, please use this short form to let us know a little about you. We will keep your information on file and potentially contact you as new opportunities develop.

Pre-Application Form

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