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Fidelity Healthcare Services
In-home nursing & aide services
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Homecare and Home Health
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Fidelity Healthcare Services sends nurses, aides, and companions to the homes of clients in and around Durham, NC. In the comfort of home, Fidelity's caregivers provide assistance with the activities of daily living that keep people healthy and safe. By providing in-home assistance, our aides promote the ability of seniors and disabled adults to live in their own homes, on their own terms. For adults taking care of elderly parents, we provide the peace of mind and reliable support that makes keeping family at home and in the community a pleasure - so you can truly enjoy your quality time with your loved ones.

Medicaid Pays Up To 100% for Fidelity's
Personal Care and CAP Aide Services.

In addition, Fidelity Healthcare Services accepts private pay, health insurance, long-term care insurance, and other Medicaid programs. Please contact us now to start a conversation about how Fidelity can make homecare affordable for your family.

Our Professionals: The qualified, caring professionals Fidelity sends to your home include the following.

Location for Care: Most clients receive services in their own homes. This can mean houses, apartments, and assisted living facilities. It is also appropriate to hire Fidelity Healthcare Services personnel to supplement the care you or a loved-one may be receiving in a skilled care facility such as a hospital.

Fidelity's Homecare Services Include:

Categories of Care Specific Activities
Service Area: We send caregivers to homes and facilities in the North Carolina counties of Durham, Wake, Orange, Chatham, Granville, Person, and Alamance.

Free In-Home Consultation: If you think homecare services may be right for you or a loved-one, we can help. With a free, in-home consultation and homecare pre-screening, we can help you determine what insurance benefits and government programs may be available to assist you. We can learn your care needs and objectives and recommend a care plan that is right for you. If Fidelity's services are not the best fit for you current needs, our nurses can make referrals to the best services and service providers for your current needs.
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